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VAW Systems Ltd. is a leading supplier of noise control products for all Noise Control Systems, Applications and Markets.

Your difficult and challenging problems can often be solved by applying the appropriate application of one of our standard or custom engineered silencers, panels or enclosures.

Industry proven selection and pricing software can be used to quickly develop an economical solution for your particular problem.

Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team can assist you through the process.

At VAW we have three core divisions to handle the different Noise Control Systems to meet the needs and requirements of our customers:

VAW Systems - Commercial Division

Light Gauge Silencers for Commercial HVAC Systems such as, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Theaters and Clean Rooms. Also specializing in custom Transitioning Silencers, Acoustic Enclosures, Plenums, Barrier Walls, Quiet Air Handling Systems and Axial Cone Silencer

VAW Systems - Industrial Division

Heavy Gauge Welded Silencers, Weather Hoods, Filter Sections, Duct-Transition Sections, and Accessories for Industrial Process Fans. Typical systems such as Combustion Air Systems, Exhaust Gas Cleaning, Air Pollution Control Systems, Exhaust Air Systems, Mine Ventilation and Air Drying Systems are some examples.

VAW Systems - Turbine Division

Inlet Air Treatment, Inlet Exhaust Silencers, Enclosures, Acoustic Shrouding, Exhaust Stacks as well as, Air Filtration Systems required for Gas Turbine packages and their Accessory Systems.

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